Amazing World – An Afternoon of Oddity [File #5]

Boring afternoons can bring, sometimes, a good deal. We think hard how to escape the usual routine until a smile lights up the mood: an idea has just crossed our minds. That’s how I felt when I casually browsed an old article about this almost forgotten fun house. With a big Why not? resonating in my head, I decided to pay it a second visit after my first one a couple of years ago.
Despite Shanghai evolves in the blink of an eye, I was surprised to find it where I left it. And mostly unchanged, with the exception of the name. Once known as an addition of the famous Ripley’s Believe it or Not it was now renamed Amazing World.

Walking Through the Weird

The Amazing World still feels a lot like Ripley’s, even though less frequented than it used to be. Walking along the hall you can meet some of Ripley’s well known waxes, such as J.T Saylors (AKA Rubber Face, a man who was able to cover his nose with the bottom lip) and Robert Wadlow, one of the tallest men in human history. And of course his shortest counterpart locked up in a bird cage: Alypius the Dwarf.

The more you progress the more oddities you meet: people with the biggest nose, the longest tongue ever, guys who survived the weirdest situations and persons not quite… human (the three legged man, the monkey looking guy and the eye popping dude).

House of Horrors

Particular mention deserves a dark corner of the exhibition. Here you can creep yourself out with some outdated but interesting animations: people’s portraits turning into demons and hordes of zombies lurking at a window.


All in all the the exhbition is not very extensive. However, it’s a place where you can have a few laughs and WOWs together with family and friends. At the end it doesn’t really matter whether you believe or not the facts depicted in the Amazing World: the benefit of the doubt is the core of Ripley’s magical and eccentric world.

amazing world

Amazing World
Ticket: 40 CNY
Address: 2789 Binjiang Avenue, Pudong district, Shanghai – 浦东滨江大道2789号, 近明珠塔路