Fender Bender (2016) – [File #1]

When you meet the wrong stranger…

17yo Hilary has just got her driving license and managed to dump her jerky boyfriend. What looks like a perfect day soon takes a twist when she gets into a fender bender (a minor collision) with a man. After some over apologetic talk he convinces her to exchange their personal information.

Done with the weirdo, she now needs to explain the car accident to her parents. As expected they don’t take it very well and ground her at home for the weekend, all alone (of course). When a message from the stranger met earlier buzzes her phone, things start to turn eerie for our young girl.

Despite the movie uncovers from the beginning the identity of Hilary’s stalker, it does a nice work in gradually building the tension. Hilary’s loneliness, together with the setting and the camera work, intensifies the nightmare she has to face.

Fender Bender feels like a 1980s slasher movie with a modern touch. It doesn’t get rid of the usual cliches so typical in many horror movies (the phone that never works when you damn need it!). However, it’s not a cheesy movie and it will pleasantly leave you surprised.

Enjoy it on a gloomy autumn night, on your comfy couch with a light quilt.

Lights out.


fender bender horror movie

Director: Mark Pavia
Writer: Mark Pavia
Cast: Makenzie Vega, Bill Sage
Running time: 1h 31min
Country: USA